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Colin J. Southern
Photography & Image Services

Because it’s hard for potential customers to differentiate between you and your competitors, it’s important that their first contact communicates quality & professionalism. It’s not enough to claim to deliver quality products and services; everyone does that. Those claims carry little weight with potential customers.

To “tip the scales” in your favour it’s important to ensure that the quality of your presentation is consistent with the quality of the message you’re delivering. Many websites fail in this regard; they use poor-quality images, and many have spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues.

We don’t design websites – but will refer you to someone who does. We do however have an extensive range of skills & equipment to promptly create affordable, high-quality, well lit, colour accurate, sharp, professional images for websites, business cards, advertising, brochures, catalogs, and more.

Whatever you need, we can photograph & process it. We also have an extensive collection of our own images that we can print onto archival paper or framed canvas (or we can retouch and print one of your images).

Need to discuss images? Please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Phone: 021 162 0824

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