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What is Nelson Business Network?

Meet new people, share you ideas and grow your business at our weekly breakfast meetings.

Business networking doesn’t have to be stiff and boring, which is why we like to keep our format relaxed yet professional.  Although we operate to a scheduled timeline and agenda, our meetings are always fun and sociable. In addition to growing our businesses together, we also enjoy plenty of laughs and camaraderie along the way.

At each of our weekly breakfast meetings, every member gives a 1 minute talk showcasing their business to the group.  Afterwards, one member delivers a 10-minute in-depth presentation to promote their own business. The meeting closes with a round of “raps and referrals”, which is our opportunity to acknowledge completed business, and refer new business among members.

Every six weeks we change up the format and hold “open forum” sessions.  At these sessions, we host guest speakers or hold facilitated group discussions on a selected topic of interest for the benefit of the group.  Past open topics have included Social media marketing, health and safety, and time and stress management.

Why Choose Us?

Our group has many years experience, which provides a professional networking platform for business owners in the Nelson Tasman region.

Business Introductions
Introductions To New Business Contacts – there are regularly new companies in attendance at our breakfast meetings. We believe in long term business relationships which will help your business develop and thrive.

Valuable Referrals
The beauty of NBN as a networking group is that you are not pressured into giving weak business leads to each other. Members are encouraged to find fully qualified, valuable referrals that will really help your business. It’s not just the members themselves that make great contacts, but the extensive list of associates, business contacts, friends and family to whom each member can introduce to their team.

Great reasons to be a part of the NBN Team

Lock out your competitors
We only allow one member per business trade/profession to join the group. As a result of this we are do not compete for business within the group.

We focus on passing business not just socialising
At NBN the focus is helping your business, and in addition there are many opportunities to build your own confidence and knowledge base in the process.

We offer training and education
Our training and education helps to improve business and networking experience. Speaking opportunities not only familiarise members with each other’s businesses, but also helps them to develop their own marketing and communication skills.

NBN Terms and Conditions

For information of our full Terms and Conditions you can download a PDF here:
» NBN terms and conditions

Would you like to join our team of members?

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