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Nelson Business Networking

Connecting you with a network of local businesses to refer clients, make new connections and expand your reach.

Providing trusted services to the region!

Nelson Business Networking (NBN) is a locally founded networking group that helps Nelson businesses grow and flourish through network marketing.  Whether you are a solopreneur, a partnership, a tradesman or an employee of a local company, NBN might be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

If you want to …

  • Generate more leads and referrals
  • Grow and expand your professional network
  • Promote you business through our member’s directory, blog and social media
  • Showcase and share your ideas, knowledge and skills
  • Connect with friendly, like-minded people on a weekly basis

Get in touch with us today to attend an upcoming Nelson Business Networking Meeting.

Benefits of Joining Nelson Business Network

Generate More Leads

Unlock a world of potential clients and business opportunities. Our network connects you with local professionals actively seeking collaborations. Participate in targeted networking sessions designed to foster high-quality referrals. With a focus on business growth, our structured meetings ensure you meet the right people to boost your business.


Expand Your Network

Build meaningful relationships with a diverse group of business owners and professionals. Our events are crafted to create an environment where connections flourish. Engage with individuals from various industries, gaining insights and opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach. By expanding your network, you open doors to new business ventures and partnerships.


Professional Development

Elevate your business acumen through our comprehensive educational workshops and seminars. Led by industry experts, these sessions cover the latest trends, strategies, and tools essential for staying competitive. Enhance your skills, learn best practices, and apply new knowledge to drive your business forward. Our commitment to professional development ensures that you and your business are always on the cutting edge.


Member Success Stories

NBN has given me contacts that I can trust to get jobs done well and efficiently. This, along with the sharing of advice and knowledge during our meetings, has enabled my business to expand rapidly with continual profit growth. My business now has many NBN members as part of its ‘team’ and this has definitely contributed to its success.

– Harry Pearson, Park and Fly Nelson

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How It Works

Step 1: Attend Meetings Join our regular networking meetings to connect with local professionals. These sessions are designed to foster collaboration and provide valuable opportunities for business growth.

Step 2: Engage with Members Actively participate in discussions, share your expertise, and seek advice. Building strong relationships within the network is key to generating leads and finding new business opportunities.

Step 3: Grow Your Business Leverage the connections and knowledge gained from the network to drive your business forward. From referrals to strategic partnerships, the Nelson Business Network is dedicated to supporting your success.

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Welcome NEW Member

Jacintha Atkinson-Manson – Atkinson Crehan Law

Jacintha Atkinson-Manson Atkinson Crehan Law Challenging the way law firms are run, Jacintha Atkinson-Manson and Amanda Crehan established Atkinson Crehan Law early in 2023, after the dissolution of Knapps Lawyers.…

Read more

What sets us apart

Greater Flexibility

Although you are expected to attend every meeting, we understand that your circumstances may sometimes get in the way. Simply let our organiser know if you can’t make a meeting or if you’ll be away for a period of time.

Pay As You Go

Apart from the small annual subscription cost to help fund the group, you only pay for the breakfast costs of the meetings you attended on a pay as you go basis.

Training & Education

Our open forum sessions are geared toward interactive group learning. At these events, members can share their expertise and ideas for everyone’s benefit.

Here’s what Nelson Business Network members say …

NBN provides a place to share, which I find really valuable.  As someone who works from home it is both interesting and valuable to meet other people in various fields.  I learn a lot about what they do, and how they cope with the highs and lows of business. I love the fact it’s so informal, and I’ve made genuine friends in the group.

Not only is NBN an opportunity to receive/give out business referrals from the other group members, but it is a valuable chance for Personal Development and Growth, and as I leave the weekly meetings, I always feel I have learned something new to take with me as I progress through the busy week ahead

I come to NBN to be with like-minded small businesspeople to discuss ideas and make suggestions to improve the way we do business. The discussions at the meetings benefit my business from finding out what current trends there are locally and general information as to what is happening in Nelson that will benefit my business. It improves my relationship with my clients at NBN and I enjoy the interaction and sociality with others.

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