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Why We Belong?

Meet new people, share you ideas and grow your business at our weekly breakfast meetings.

Business networking doesn’t have to be stiff and boring, which is why we like to keep our format relaxed yet professional.  Although we operate to a scheduled timeline and agenda, our meetings are always fun and sociable. In addition to growing our businesses together, we also enjoy plenty of laughs and camaraderie along the way.

Hear from our members

“I am an introverted person and find it difficult meeting new people and networking. NBN is a very relaxed and welcoming networking group to be a part of. I look forward to going each week, catching up with the regulars and meeting new people – oh, the breakfast tastes great too.

Running and working in a business by yourself can feel very isolating. I spent a lot of time working alone and found I missed the camaraderie of workmates around me. There was nobody to run ideas past, ask for their opinion or even just have a laugh with. Joining NBN gave me a team of people that I now regularly see. I get to meet other business owners and discuss ideas, learn from their experiences and know I’m not doing it alone.

Networking groups are a great way to get new business. It’s not just you spreading the word but everyone in the group is listening out for business opportunities for each other. I’ve had successful referrals and business from other members in the group that I would not have otherwise had.”

Al Rollinson, Wardrobe World Nelson


“I come to NBN to be with like-minded small businesspeople to discuss ideas and make suggestions to improve the way we do business. The discussions at the meetings benefit my business from finding out what current trends there are locally and general information as to what is happening in Nelson that will benefit my business. It improves my relationship with my clients at NBN and I enjoy the interaction and sociality with others.”

Mike O’Reilly, Six Step Financial Services


“Being new to business and having lived in Nelson for only 20 years, NBN has given me contacts that I can trust to get jobs done well and efficiently. This, along with the sharing of advice and knowledge during our meetings, has enabled my business to expand rapidly with continual profit growth. My business now has many NBN members as part of its ‘team’ and this has definitely contributed to its success.”

Harry Pearson, Park and Fly Nelson

“To get the word out about our new business, meet like minded business owners, and share ideas, and grow my own knowledge base.”

Jacintha Atkinson-Manson, Atkinson | Crehan Law


“Nelson Business Networking group provides me opportunities to learn from peers, share insights into other local businesses. It also builds my confidence in public speaking. Attending Nelson Business Networking helps me to establish meaningful connections with like-minded local professionals, which can lead to valuable collaborations and referrals. Nelson Business Networking group serves as platforms to discover new clients and helps move my business forward, enabling me to showcase my skills and my business in a friendly, welcoming environment.” 

Tracey Gray, Methscreen Nelson

Great reasons to be a part of the NBN Team

One member per business category
We only allow one member per business trade/profession to join the group. As a result of this we are do not compete for business within the group.

We focus on passing business not just socialising
At NBN the focus is helping your business, and in addition there are many opportunities to build your own confidence and knowledge base in the process.

We offer training and education
Our training and education helps to improve business and networking experience. Speaking opportunities not only familiarise members with each other’s businesses, but also helps them to develop their own marketing and communication skills.

NBN Terms and Conditions

For information of our full Terms and Conditions you can download a PDF here:
» NBN terms and conditions

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