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Hopefully these will answer your questions … if not, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Can anyone join The NBN Group?

We only take one person per profession/trade. Click here to see if your area of expertise is available. If the position is already taken by a member we can add you to our mailing list should the position become available in the future.

What if a member gets a referral and does poor work?

NBN exists and grows through word of mouth. The Nelson business community is small and reputations are key. We do not interview members or ask for references, however if it becomes apparent that a member is not fulfilling work commitments this would be discussed by the group and membership reviewed. All memberships to NBN are agreed by current members agreeing or declining the application.

What occupations benefit the most from networking?

It is not the occupation, it is the individual. The occupation can be anything. If you’re focused and dedicate some time and effort to the groupĀ  – you are the person we want to join us. We all get something out of NBN or we wouldn’t turn up each week!

Are members supposed to bring visitors?

You are welcome to bring visitors for those occupations that are open. Visitors can attend up to three meetings before they need to decide whether or not to join our group.

What is the purpose of NBN?

The NBN’s primary objective is to help members improve their business, and provide education on topics of mutual benefit. People get business when their expertise is known and others within the group have gained an understanding of their business and feel confident to be able to refer them as a personal contact. NBN provides a forum that allows members to meet other business people who they can trust.

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