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Image of man watching a cargo ship leaving Nelson Port,

Getting goods from A to B … something we often take for granted!

We all enjoy being able to buy whatever goods we like, pretty much whenever we like.  Lucky us! Yet most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how these goods arrived in the first place, and especially those that have come in from overseas. Likewise, as a country we export a huge quantity of goods.

Today at NBN Karl from Pegasus Shipping shared a couple of videos with us, and we learned a bit more about what is actually involved in cargo shipping. The skill of the port workers, machinery drivers and the people managing the ships is clear to see – and it was a surprisingly interesting talk.  Pegasus Shipping is a family owned Shipping Agency located in Nelson, New Zealand.  They act as Agents for internationally recognised Shipping Lines in Nelson and have over 40 years experience in the Industry.

Thanks for sharing Karl!

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