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What’s your Carbon Footprint and what you can you do about it?

Guest Speaker at today’s Open Forum meeting was Claire from Ekos. She talked about how we, as local businesses, can calculate our Carbon Footprint. Once we’ve calculated it we can then decide what (if anything) we want to do about it.

Claire’s talk was really informative talk, and covered a wide range of business scenarios. The carbon calculations didn’t seem too daunting or time consuming, and the pricing was realistic. Most of us at NBN are small business owners, and it felt as though Ekos was pitched well for many of us.

We certainly had something to ponder as we got into our cars and drove away (although at least one of us does use an ebike for business travel!). Climate change is here to stay, so doing our bit to lessen the effects can only be a positive. We thank Claire for her time and effort this morning. I’m sure that several of us will be downloading the business Carbon Calculator and taking some positive steps towards reducing our carbon footprint.

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